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An all-inclusive partner with deep local knowledge

About Copenhagen Expats

Copenhagen Expats is your go-to buddy when your employees or diplomats are moving to Denmark, whether for a short stint or a long haul. We’ve got all the housing, settling-in, and relocation services covered. We’re here to team up with your employees and make their relocation a breeze.

Copenhagen Expats was started by Lene Minshall. With a large network of trusted business partners plus loads of know-how about rental rules and regulations in Denmark, we’re here to make sure your employees don’t get lost in the rental maze when they move to Denmark.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. At Copenhagen Expats, we’re here to listen and provide answers. If you’re interested in a more in-depth discussion about our services, we’re more than happy to arrange an informal meeting


Our goal is to become your enduring and reliable business partner, offering top-notch customer service to expatriates moving to Copenhagen.

Lene Minshall is your go-to person, making sure things run smoothly. I'll be right there with your team, helping out, answering questions, and fixing things as needed

Lene Minshall; 20+ years experience working with national and global companies and brands; US Embassy Copenhagen, Microsoft, Motorola, TOYS R’ US, Kromann Reumert Law Office and Plesner Law Office

Key competencies in

  • contract management
  • customer service
  • process optimization
  • intercultural awareness.

Seasoned expertise in both foreign and Danish lease agreements, particularly with expatriates. I have managed the leasing portfolio for the US Embassy in Copenhagen, which involved everything from matching diplomats with fitting properties, negotiating American leases, and overseeing move-in and move-out procedures, including handling landlord disputes. I’ve also cultivated strong relationships with landlords, housing agents and shipping partners.

My aim is to offer your employees outstanding service and make the housing process as straightforward as can be for both you and your expatriates

What sets us apart

A Large Network of Landlords and Housing Agents

We've cultivated an extensive network of landlords, housing agents, and
property management companies over the years. Thanks to these strong connections,
we're well-equipped to assist your employees in finding the perfect home.

Intensive knowledge of the Danish Rent Act and tenants’ rights

Comprehensive Understanding of Danish Rent Laws and Tenants' Rights Our in-depth familiarity with the Danish Rent Act stems from years of hands-on experience with lease contracts, tenants' rights, and all related fiduciary matters.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We offer options for customization within furnished housing, allowing employees to personalize their living space while still benefiting from the convenience of not shipping large household items.

Support Local Communities

We support local businesses and landlords, and the broader community, fostering a positive image for the company.

Tailored and Trustworthy Service

At the core of our approach lie values of trustworthiness, transparency, and integrity. We are committed to delivering a premium customer experience. Our mission is to ensure your employees enjoy a hassle-free journey, from discovering properties to settling in and eventually departing Denmark.

Securing Fair Landlord Rates

We're diligent researchers. Keeping a close eye on market dynamics and pricing trends, we establish strong partnerships with reliable private and professional landlords. This ensures that we negotiate competitive and reasonable rates on your behalf.

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