Relocating to Denmark?

We will help your employees settle in and move out.

Locating a property for your employees that matches family size and rank is not an easy process, and the same goes for when your employees leave their properties and the handback negotiations begin. It can end up being a frustrating and expensive experience. 

Copenhagen Expats help you navigate this process and ensure your employees have a smooth experience finding properties, settling in, and moving out again at the end of their time in Denmark. We are happy to work directly with your employees during the relocation process. 

You and your employees will 


How we work

The process of locating a property, settling-in  and handing back a property is not an easy process. We help you navigate this process and ensure your employees have a smooth experience during their stay in Denmark

Analyse employees requirements

Analyse employees requirements

Your employees will fill out a questionnaire about their requirements. Once it is completed we will get back to you to discuss the next steps.

Find suitable housing

Find suitable housing

Through our network of both national and international business partners we will help your employees find a home. We guarantee to be personally present at all property showings.

Lease assistance

Lease & Move-in assistance

Once we have located suitable housing for your employees, we will provide lease assistance, landlord negotiations, a welcome orientation and move-in guidance and reports.

Settling in

Services include property walkthrough, Property Maintenance Book, Language Classes and School visits.

Move-out assistance

Move-out assistance

When your employee are about to depart, we will help both you and your employees to understand your rights and responsibilities in accordance with the Danish Rent Act.

Flexible housing packages

We tailor our services exactly to your needs and help your employees settling in from the moment they arrive in Denmark until they depart. Listed below you find an overview of some of our services. You may book a full-service package or choose specific services from our portfolio – just ask as you need it. 

Lene Minshall, owner

Over 20 years working with national and global companies

My vast experience and a large network of landlords, housing agents, and housing management companies is the basis for my expatriate consultancy firm – “Copenhagen Expats”.

I have a broad knowledge of the Danish Lease Act and therefore tenants’ rights, both when they are negotiating a contract with a landlord and when they leave the property at the end of the lease.

All of my experiences and passion have led me to starting Copenhagen Expats so I can use my expertise to help others navigate this branch.

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