copenhagen expats

A full-service provider with local knowledge

About Copenhagen Expats

Copenhagen Expats is your one-stop partner for helping your employees or diplomats relocating permanently or temporarily to Denmark. Our services include a range of housing, settling in and relocation services. We are happy to work directly with the employees and assist them during their relocation.

Copenhagen Expats is founded by Lene Minshall. With a large network of landlords and housing management companies and a broad knowledge of both contract management and the Danish Rent Act, Copenhagen Expats will help your employees navigate through tenants’ rights and responsibilities when relocating to Denmark.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Copenhagen Expats will also be available for an informal meeting if you would like to hear more about our housing services.


Our vision is to be your long-term trusted business partner by delivering high quality customer service for expatriates relocating to Copenhagen.

Lene Minshall is experienced in finding the right housing and a strong negotiator

Lene Minshall; 20+ years experience working with national and global companies and brands; US Embassy Copenhagen, Microsoft, Motorola, TOYS R’ US, Kromann Reumert Law Office and Plesner Law Office

Key competencies in

  • contract management
  • customer service
  • process optimization
  • intercultural awareness.

Extensive experience with foreign and Danish lease agreements and expatriates. Most recently responsible for the leasing portfolio at the US Embassy Copenhagen, including matching diplomats with suitable properties, negotiating American leases, handling move-in and move-out processes (landlord disputes etc.), building working relationships with landlords and housing agents. Additional recent experience from a large Danish rental property company as Head of Operations, overseeing contracts, service, and IT.

It is my goal to provide your employees excellent service and help the housing process be as simple for you and your expats as possible.

What sets us apart

A large network of landlords and housing agents

Throughout many years we have built working relationships with landlords and/or their respective agents as well as with management companies of building complexes and thus we will be able to help your employees find a home.

Intensive knowledge of the Danish Rent Act and tenants’ rights

In-depth knowledge of the terms and conditions of the Danish Rent Act from years of working with lease contracts, including tenants’ rights and all fiduciary issues.

Hands-on experience from the US Embassy

Managed the US Embassy Copenhagen leasing portfolio; Inspected and determined suitability of new properties to be added to the Embassy’s housing pool as necessary and was the primary contact on all properties returned to the landlords.

Contract management

Lease administration to ensure leasing activities are in accordance with Danish policies and guidelines. Working with landlords and housing management companies on occupancy decisions. Overseeing completion of necessary paperwork and ensure proper customer service.

Personal service

With our key values; credibility, honesty and integrity we strive to provide you the best customer experience. We help your employees have a smooth experience finding properties, settling in, and moving out again at the end of their time in Denmark and we guarantee to be personally present at all property showings.

Negotiate reasonable landlord prices

We do our homework! We follow the market trends and prices and we work closely with trusted private and professional landlords.